Integrating End to End Connectivity with Intelligent Vertical Applications to provide customized solutions for multiple markets

End to End Solutions that encompass Broadband & IoT Connectivity as well as Analytics for multiple markets including Public Safety, Defense & Commercial Operations.

Connectivity, Security & Mobility

WSS delivers machine-to-machine (M2M) connectivity to sensors, gateways, and up to the cloud. Based on a flexible wireless infrastructure, and intelligent devices, WSS employs a hybrid solution that will accommodate critical communications including voice, video and data to IoT connected devices. (Absent Connectivity, there is no real time solution

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A comprehensive portfolio of connected devices that include smart phones, modems , IoT, sensors & controllers, for various end user needs including agriculture, transportation, public safety, and transportation. All fully integrated with the private broadband network for easy install and deployment.

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Real Time

Provides high performance, low latency real-time access for the secure sharing of mission critical and time sensitive information using IMS, Collaboration, PLI and Mission command applications.

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WSS platforms have all been designed to include support for analytics and decision making at all tiers; i.e. on the sensor, on the gateway, and up in the cloud (public or private).

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