The LCS-155 is a high-performance software defined complete LTE network connectivity solution designed to meet the most strenuous requirements for connectivity, dynamic control, and easy setup. It delivers 4G coverage to improve quality of service and generates additional capacity in a small users.
The LCS-155 node is capable of supporting up to 64 LTE users. Each Node is a "plug and play" solution that includes an eNodeB with integrated RF, and all the required software to connect a wireless device to a Network Core (EPC) over standard 3GPP-IMS network interfaces. The LCS platform also includes an embedded EPC on the target for a complete easy to deploy network (plug and play). This EPC can be configured to run locally (on the LCS unit) as a stand alone network or seamlessly function as part of a larger Multi-eNB network. If several LTCS-0820s are deployed in close proximity to each other and are able to form a network, the operator can select which system will host the primary EPC, providing it full control of all network elements in the area of operation.  The other EPC’s will become inactive, only activating locally due to local management (if permitted) or automatically if connection with the primary EPC is severed.
The LCS-155 enjoys an integrated single sector MIMO radio front end capability that can support up to 6 bands. This integrated RF is similar is software defined and supports rapid configuration and reconfiguration of bands. For example, a single LCS-155 can support up to six bands on a single system (FDD and/or TDD). LCS-155 can support any bands from 300 MHz to 6 GHz. The transmit output power ranges from 27-30 dBm.

The platform also includes:
Network Listen - for rapid location identification and additional input for SON.
VoIP - Embedded SIP Server (Asterisk)
SON - Self-Organizing Network functionality which enables Self-Configuration upon Power-up and ongoing real time Interference Management per 3GPP standard
Intelligence - Various analytical engines for big data applications
Embedded App Server - Additional processing that is available for customer specific applications
Embedded Router - Multiport router or can be configured as a switch. Full commercial grade router security suite and functionality including firewalls, port forwarding, blocking, DHCP & static assignment, IPSEC, VPNS and more.

The LCS is compatible with many Network Management Systems. The most common Network Management Systems used are MyCell.  MyCell has been developed by WSS and is focused on simplification. The centralized management capabilities of MyCell are accessed through a Web Graphical User Interface (GUI). The second network management tool is Netcool Operations Insight - a carrier grade network management system from IBM. The LCS platform all support TR-069 and SNMP.

The LCS-155 offers a powerful secure operating environment while also including additional processing that allows the host customer the ability to customized specific applications, such as, analytical engines, PLI & collaboration tools, web servers, voice and video sharing and storage, security suites and other IMS applications.


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