The Lightning Tactical Communications System (LTCS) is a complete LTE solution encompassing all key elements essential to deploying a functional LTE system, representing the next generation of LTE Networking Equipment.  Each individual component is designed from a system level and emphasizes modularity, user device flexibility, spectrum agility, robust management, fast deployment all while ensuring industry leading SWaP-C optimization. Connectivity is an essential modern demand for business operations, and most large organizations are focused on expanding connectivity to previously unreachable areas, personnel and/or equipment.

The LTCS is comprised of an advanced digital baseband (ADBB) and advanced remote radio head (ARRH). These major components feature a complete eNodeB, evolved packet core (EPC) solution with embedded IMS elements designed to incorporate all the required software and hardware elements necessary for a turn-key private LTE network. The ADBB can support up to 3 ARRHs, while the ARRH is capable of supporting up to six separate, software configurable, LTE bands. The LTCS radio is capable of supporting frequency bands anywhere from 300 MHz to 6 GHz, allowing for a wide variation of radio band combinations. Each eNodeB RAN can support up to 192 active users, and each EPC can support up to 10,000 users.
The LCS also includes an integrated multiport router or can be configured as a switch. This includes a full commercial grade router security suite and functionality including firewalls, port forwarding, blocking, DHCP & static assignment, IPSEC, VPNS and more.

The LTCS includes additional processing available to host customer specific applications such as analytical engines, PLI & collaboration tools, web servers, voice and video sharing and storage, security suites and other IMS applications; all within a secure and powerful operating environment.

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