Market Solutions

WSS is well situated to meet both the demands of customers in a variety of markets whether they are well defined or niche. In any market WSS is active, we emphasize the best solutions from the perspective of quality, efficiency, and customer requirements. WSS’s deep technical expertise enables it to address the complex challenges of all facets of the wireless communications industry. By combining that expertise with the ability to understand, anticipate and respond rapidly to customers’ requirements, WSS is able to craft the right solution to these complex challenges.

Private LTE Networks

Private LTE based Networks for End to End Solutions Today’s mobile operator networks are being pushed towards the breaking point due to the exponential increase in data traffic by today’s data hungry consumers.

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Internet of Things or “IoT”& Analytics Solutions The age of the Internet of Things or “IoT” as it is more commonly known, is here and market finds itself at an inflection point.

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Public Safety

Public Safety Solutions In recent years public safety has been undergoing a slow but steady transformation in culture and operational capabilities that has mirrored a shift in the society it serves.

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Tactical Defense Solutions

Defense and Intelligence Solutions The defense and intelligence market is always upgrading its capabilities and looking to realize any advantage that will enable the war fighter to accomplish the mission more quickly and efficiently than previously.

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Test and Measurement Solutions

Test and Measurement Solutions With deployment of 4.5G and upcoming 3GPP releases the market is quickly proceeding toward 5G.

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