Internet of Things or “IoT” & Analytics Solutions – The age of the Internet of Things or “IoT” as it is more commonly known, is here and the market is at an inflection point. Advances in miniaturization, mobile connectivity, scalable computing, processing platforms, and ever-increasing efficiencies in battery life coupled with advanced software have all led to the dawn of IoT. With the number of connected devices estimated to reach 50 billion over the next decade, there will be an explosion in data generated by IoT devices that include many different types of sensors and controllers.

As a result, there is a need for a new integrated connectivity and analytical paradigm to growth in wireless traffic, broadband traffic, and functional capabilities.

WSS provides a multi-tiered architecture that supports analytics at each tier in the network from sensor to the cloud. This unique architecture confers several advantages such as:

• Flexibility
• Scalability
• Redundancy
• Enhanced network security
• Reduced latency
• Real-Time activity

Unburdening of the overall network (Less raw data traversing the overall network which means reduced cost and more responsive solution)
WSS offers end to end IoT solutions both on the network side and the device side.

On the network side WSS’s offers multi-standard wireless gateways and cloud based systems that integrate:
• Embedded applications and functionality
• Advanced analytics engines at each tier for all customer use cases

  • Real time processing & insights
  • Post event analysis & insights
  • Predictive analysis & insights

• Configurable commercial grade router or switch
• Network Management System with simply and intuitive user interface

On the device side WSS supports:

• Portfolio of modems
• Advanced sensor platforms customizable for any customer use cases

  • Agriculture
  • Manufacturing
  • energy, ports
  • healthcare
  • mechanical
  • And more

Each sensor platform also features on-board analytics at the sensor level

Whether it is a farm or hospital, an oil rig or plane, a city or a factory, our products are highly adaptive and can fit any use case and market segment.

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