Network Management System

Network Managers – WSS supports a two tier network management solution consisting of a more basic and more advanced network management solution.

  • MyCell – MyCell is an easy to use network management solution that has been developed by WSS and is focused on simplification. The centralized management capabilities of MyCell are accessed through a Web Graphical User Interface (GUI) give a network manager/user an easy to way to configure and manage the network as long as they are within the same net as the network. Examples of the functionality offered by MyCell include:
  • Adding/removing users
  • Configuring different user/application prioritization scores        
  • Allocation of IPs
  • RF parameters
    • TX Power, RX Sensitivity
    • Band & Frequencies
  • SW Updates
  • Modify eNodeB cell parameters
  • Register and deregister eNodeBs
  • Hierarchical Access Management
  • And more
  • NetCool Operations Insight – An advanced, centralized, analytics based network management tool from IBM designed for:
  • Network Visualization
  • Network Topology Maps
  • Relationships with backend IP networks
  • Discovery, visualization, monitoring and event correlation/root cause analysis
  • Integrated event, topology, performance and configuration data sources for a complete network health snapshot for NOC
  • Efficiently and effectively predict and reduce the probability of outages


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