Private LTE Networks

Private LTE based Networks for End to End Solutions – Today’s mobile operator networks are overburdened due to the exponential increase in data traffic by today’s data hungry consumers. While the amount of traffic is increasing, competition is reducing profitability and the average revenue per user (ARPU) in the commercial market. Coupled with the advent of the “Internet of Things” (estimated to add 12-50 billion devices to existing networks over the coming decade), operators are facing capacity deficits. Globally, LTE is one of the favored standards for implementing the “Internet of Things” (IoT) and the

“Internet of Everything” due to its ability to handle low and high bandwidth traffic, short and long range communications, and high mobility environments. Consequently, it is overwhelmingly being adopted as the standard of choice for every mobile operator across the globe. Simultaneously, parallel cellular communications initiatives are taking off (unrelated to the large mobile operators) that use unlicensed spectrum, dedicated licensed spectrum, or sub-leased operator spectrum at competitive rates; These private initiatives or “private networks” desire the same functionality of a fully realized 4G+ cellular network without the costs and hurdles associated with large national operators.

Given these trends, the market finds itself at a unique inflection point where it can truly become omnipresent because there is a fundamental need for connectivity infrastructure. Without this foundation, there is no method for enabling the myriad other technologies envisioned to transform our lives. Thus, there is a need for flexible and fluid multi-purpose dedicated networks based around LTE designed to suit any application without the rigidity, capacity constraints, and costs synonymous with the entrenched mobile operators.

WSS is poised to fill that need with end to end private LTE network solutions for any customer across all vertical markets. These end to

end solutions include LTE network functionality that every customer needs whether they are deploying a standalone broadband critical communications network, internet of things sensor data network or a combination of the two. This complete offering includes network infrastructure equipment, devices and customer specific applications that can operate in licensed and unlicensed bands. WSS’s solutions include network infrastructure equipment such as eNodeBs, Evolved Packet Core and other fundamental RAN and Core technologies that are optimized for multiple targets and use cases. Ranging from the lightly to extremely ruggedized, these solutions are all designed to be the most efficient from the perspective of size, weight and power. Additionally, WSS’s device and other customer specific applications come in a variety of form factors, bands, robustness (IP ratings), sensors and technologies.

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