Public Safety

Public Safety Solutions –The move toward commercial LTE solutions holds the potential to dramatically improve the ability of First Responders to serve their communities while ensuring the health and wellness of the First Responder.
New deployable 4G network equipment allows for 4G communications (voice, video and data) everywhere.  An extensive portfolio of power efficient sensors, analytics architectures and platforms can process large quantities of data to derive post event, real time and predictive insights from many different inputs.

WSS is at the forefront of this transformation with solutions that encompass each of these varied components.
From basic traffic stops to crowd control, structures on fire, rescues and more, WSS has embraced the need for a flexible platform that can handle all of these scenarios while taking into account the balance between the needs for a solution and budgetary realities.

WSS’ solutions include:

  • Advanced portable cellular network infrastructure equipment for distributed or network in a box functionality for anywhere/ anytime 4G communications
  • Customized devices including smart phones, modems, and mobile hotspots in ruggedized enclosures
  • Portable surveillance systems for location, packet inspection, message content and more
  • Sensors (biometric, environmental) and other wearables for monitoring First Responder health and providing inputs for situational awareness applications
  • General purpose IoT sensors that can be dropped and will continue to report
  • Powerful multi-tiered analytics that can process large volumes of data to derive post-event, real- time and predictive insights
  • All in one flexible architecture for multiple scenarios and applications. Capable of scaling up or down and able to keep data for processing locally for distributed analytics at the edge or centralized