Multi-tiered Analytics

WSS’ optimized advanced analytics architecture is multi-tiered; designed to deploy analytics and decision-making to the optimal location across the network. Analytic capabilities incorporated into the edge node, the edge Gateway and the Cloud allow for reporting, alarm, and limited control and decision making at the edge of the network, reducing the risk of overburdening the network with large amounts of data. The architecture is specifically designed with real-time, security and resilience based considerations with multiple levels of redundancy and capability.

WSS’ multi-tiered Analytics architecture harnesses a wide-ranging set of analytic capabilities to meet the needs of the modern enterprise while leveraging a multi-tier design to ensure scalability, robustness, and proven durability. Collected data is wirelessly transmitted to local gateways and to the cloud (private or public). Spectrum analytics:

  • Transmits analyzed data to all appropriate parties    
  • Enables timely human intervention
  • Predicts outcomes from micro and macro trends
  • Triggers actionable events
  • Machine learning using ensemble models
  • Temporal and longitudinal assessments
  • Geospatial sensitivity