Tactical Defense Solutions

Defense and Intelligence Solutions – The defense and intelligence industry are constantly seeking to upgrade its capabilities for greater efficiency. The increasing flexibility and ubiquity of commercial processors and other technologies enables COTS (“Commercial Off the Shelf”) products to become a viable option for accomplishing this objective.

WSS is pleased to offer a suite of solutions that meets the defense and intelligence market’s requirements. These include:

  • Advanced portable cellular network infrastructure equipment for distributed or network in a box functionality for anywhere anytime 4G communications
  • Customized devices including smart phones, modems, and mobile hotspots in ruggedized enclosures
  • Portable surveillance systems for location, packet inspection, message content and more
  • Sensors (biometric, environmental) and other wearables for monitoring war-fighter health and providing inputs for situational awareness applications
  • General purpose IoT sensors that can be dropped and will continue to report
  • Powerful multi-tiered analytics that can process large volumes of data to derive post-event, real-time and predictive insights
  • All in one flexible architecture for multiple scenarios and applications. Capable of scaling up or down and able to keep data for processing locally for distributed analytics at the edge or centralized