Test and Measurement

Test and Measurement Solutions – With deployment of 4.5G and upcoming 3GPP releases, the market is rapidly approaching 5G. The connection between devices and the RAN as well as the RAN and the core is growing ever more complicated. Mobile operators, OEMs and ODMs

must ensure their products are validated before and during deployment.

Drawing on its extensive cellular protocols expertise, WSS provides advanced solutions to customers seeking to make the transition from production to operations with systems that include base station simulators, UE testers, traffic generators, and OTA monitoring of active communications between devices and the network.

WSS has quick test systems specifically designed to fit into production lines, diagnostic systems for repair depots, advanced systems for R&D and active cell site analyzers that combine the functionality of a general spectrum analyzer with the functions of a complete L1-L3 multi-user, real-time decoder with Wireshark extension for real time troubleshooting and alerts.

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