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We are making a real impact with innovative wireless systems,
infrastructures, cutting edge user equipment, and sensors.


end-to-end private network solutionS

WSS is a designer and developer of multi-standard, frequency band agnostic, cellular network solutions that leverage its expertise in cellular and wireless communications technology at large. With this expertise, WSS is able to offer a portfolio of products and platforms suitable for multiple markets including defense, first-responders, utilities, telcos, and general network infrastructure solutions.

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Our Mission

To provide flexible solutions that meet the demanding requirements for the enterprise communications market, while easing the burden of associated cost and complexities. WSS’ solutions include reliable connectivity applications and analytics at all levels. This philosophy enables WSS to effectively fulfill customer needs on a global scale.

From large multinationals to innovative start-ups, our customers trust us to solve their most critical, high-risk challenges.

Focus Areas

WSS’ product and services include additional functions which go hand-in-hand with communications. One example is the integration of tiered levels of intelligence going from the device to the cloud, and device analytics on all levels: historical, real time, predictive and post.

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Today’s mobile operator networks are overburdened due to the exponential increase in data traffic by today’s data hungry consumers.


There are millions of households globally without quality, affordable internet access. WSS is committed to closing the gap with its advanced product portfolio to ensure that millions of potential subscribers can benefit from low latency, broadband internet connectivity.


The Department of Defense & Public Safety organizations are constantly looking to upgrade their capabilities and utilize any advantage that empower the warfighter or first responder.


Now that 5G is here, new feature functionality translates into new and stringent requirements for test & measurement equipment.

WSS Products
Building on a long heritage of wireless communication software development experience, WSS is able to offer a vast portfolio of cellular infrastructure and network management products. We offer an extensive range of user equipment, sensors, and functional infrastructure for your business, whether you are consumer oriented brand, a government entity, or a private enterprise in the communications arena.
PRC-168 (Manpack)

The PRC-168 platform provides 5G coverage to the surrounding area as a standalone cellular network or as an extension of an existing network.

PRC-167 (Vehicle Mount System)

The PRC-167 is a software-defined, 5G connectivity solution designed to meet strenuous requirements where a flexible, vehicle-based solution providing a complete 5G network to the surrounding area is a necessity.


The Network-On-The-Edge (NOTE) Family of Tactical Broadband Platforms are systems specifically designed and optimized to be light plug-and-play solutions.

Radio Unit - gRU

WSS’ cutting edge radio unit platform, the gRU-91XX for 5G, represents a qualitative leap in NR compliant radio units.

Sensor Platform

Designed to be a stand-alone product or part of a larger design, the 095 is a robust sensor designed to handle multiple scenarios.

Small Cell

The LTCS-05XX represents the next generation of the WSS Small Cell product line, supporting 5G and multiple frequencies up to 7.2 GHz …