Building on a long heritage of wireless communication software development experience, WSS is able to offer a vast portfolio of cellular infrastructure and network management products. We offer a whole range of user equipment, sensors and a wholly functional infrastructure for your business, whether you are consumer oriented brand, a government entity or a private enterprise in the communications arena.

The PRC-168 is man-portable (Manpack) 5G communications solution designed for reliability in mission-critical data comms and elevated mobility, ideally suited for tactical teams on the move or at rest operating at the edge of the network and/or in degraded environments.

The PRC-167 is a software-defined, 5G connectivity solution designed to meet strenuous requirements where a flexible, vehicle-based solution providing a complete 5G network to the surrounding area is a necessity.

The gX-3306 is comprised of our advanced tactical digital baseband unit (gU) which includes a combined 5G CU/DU functions. Together with the advanced radio unit (gRU) these major components feature a complete gNodeB.

WSS is proud to present its 5G small cell platform, the LTCS-5XX, supporting 5G and multiple frequencies up to 7.2 GHz at low and high output power.

The Network-On-The-Edge (NOTE) Family of Tactical Broadband Platforms are systems specifically designed and optimized to be light plug and play solutions.

WSS’ cutting edge radio unit platform, the gRU-91XX for 5G, represents a qualitative leap in NR compliant radio units. It is a high-performance radio head platform designed to support 5G NR requirements.

Designed to be a stand-alone product or part of a larger design, the 095 is a robust sensor designed to handle multiple scenarios.

WSS’ test measurement portfolio includes many different tools that will help perform the tests required for safe and fully operational deployment of networks.

MyNET is a complete Element/Network Management system, which enables administrators or network operators to configure, manage, and remotely update eNBs/gNBs, remote radio heads, and devices in the field.

Telecoms are constantly seeking methods to increase capacity and coverage while ensuring that their business’ KPIs are met. In addition, the introduction of new services (and the tools to develop, deploy and offer new services) requires efficient networks and operations.

WSS’s 5G Macro-Proxy(Smart Relay) is used for reamplification of select downlink and uplink signals. In poor coverage areas, cellular signals can be weak, resulting in inadequate end-user device (EUD) function. This is particularly relevant for 5G and the poor propagation characteristics of some of its operating bands.