Macro-Proxy (Smart Relay)

5G Macro-Proxy

WSS’s 5G Macro-Proxy(Smart Relay) is used for reamplification of select downlink and uplink signals. In poor coverage areas, cellular signals can be weak, resulting in inadequate end-user device (EUD) function. This is particularly relevant for 5G and the poor propagation characteristics of some of its operating bands. The Smart Relay solves this issue by amplifying select downlink and uplink signals from the gNB and EUD, thus increasing the total coverage area by an order of magnitude. The Smart Relay selects the mobile operator’s Base Station with the strongest signal and reroutes signals through it. The Macro-Proxy enjoys advanced and fast signal processing and interference cancellation for Sub-6Ghz and Mmwave frequencies. Constructed in a secure and hardened case, the Smart Relay is an effective solution for extending coverage areas in a multitude of environments.