The Network-On-The-Edge (NOTE) Family of Tactical Broadband Platforms are systems specifically designed and optimized to be light plug-and-play solutions. Built for broadband wireless access, the NOTE includes the following key features available in one durable enclosure:

  • Secure Wi-Fi Access
  • Commercial-grade multi-port router/switch
  • Embedded application server
  • Dedicated embedded encryption
  • 3GPP Release 15 cellular backhaul in multiple bands

WSS’ NOTE features a web-based user-configurable control interface which enables customized rule-based traffic prioritization for all traffic flowing through the Mobile Broadband Platform (MBP). This rich feature set makes this MBP the premier platform for supplying mission-critical features that meet the everyday and emergency broadband connectivity requirements of users from various markets. The NOTE MBP is suitable for public safety, government, military, and any enterprise use that requires ruggedized hotspot functionality. The MBP can also seamlessly switch between bands in the event of a connection loss and each NOTE can include a dormant Small Cell for extended network coverage if outside the coverage scenario. This Small Cell can also form a complete and independent cellular network bubble complete with an on-board Core Network to handle local voice and video calls, permissions, and authentication. This ensures continued connectivity and capability even when outside of the coverage area.

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