SIAB: 4G/5G Manpack ( LCS-168 )

The LCS-168 is man-portable (Manpack) LTE/5G communications solution designed for reliability in mission-critical data comms and elevated mobility, ideally suited for tactical teams on the move or at rest operating at the edge of the network and/or in degraded environments. It utilizes the same vector signal processor architecture as the LCS-167, however, the LCS-168 truly increases it’s potential to achieve the higher performance with additional support for up to five different waveforms, maximized power efficiency, and built-in extended life and trust architecture, enhancing the quality of service and robustness of each device. Similarly to the LCS-167 model, it is ultra-light and power-packed.

The 168 platform provides 4G/5G coverage to the surrounding area as a standalone cellular network or as an extension of an existing network. It is a “plug and play” solution that includes a gNodeB, integrated RF and Network Core (5G Core), and IMS functions for local video and voice in addition to other application traffic. It is designed to meet the strenuous requirements for connectivity, reliability, dynamic control and ease of use of a tactical team, while still hosting all necessary functionality that a tactical team requires; these include voice and video sharing, voice and video storage, PLI and collaboration tools, web servers, and more. The LCS-168 can be used in the distribution of a complete, easy-to-deploy network with multiple levels of dynamic capacity and redundancy.