The PRC-167 (Portable Radio Communication System) is a software-defined, 5G connectivity solution designed to meet strenuous requirements where a flexible, vehicle-based solution providing a complete 5G network to the surrounding area is a necessity. Functioning as a stand-alone cellular network or as an extension of an existing network, the PRC-167 improves quality of service, creates additional overall network capacity and includes a gNB, integrated RF, 5G Core, as well as upper-layer application functions for voice, video, and policy controls. The PRC-167 also contains a multiport router/switch and full commercial grade router security suite and functionality including firewalls, port forwarding, blocking, DHCP and static assignment, IPSEC, VPNs and more.

The PRC-167 accommodates additional processing available to host customer-specific applications such as analytical engines, PLI and collaboration tools, and web servers; all within a secure and powerful operating environment. It boasts an advanced processor architecture, supporting up to five different waveforms or standards and delivers the gap-closing communications and analytics that operators need on-the-move and at the edge of their network. Extended life and trust architecture are built-in, enhancing the quality of service and robustness while maintaining an ultra-light and power-packed design. The PRC is compatible with many Network Management Systems and Element Management Systems, including those developed by WSS. The PRC-167 comes with an additional centralized management tool called MyCell©, which is a Web Graphical User Interface (GUI) that resides on the PRC-167 itself.