Test and Measurement Equipment

WSS’ test measurement portfolio includes many different tools used to perform the tests required for safe and fully operational deployment of networks.


The CTB-0400 is a cellular RF test system designed to provide a solid test and measurement platform for a variety of use cases. These include, but are not limited to, phase and power measurements for multiple antenna ports, EVM, and ACLR. The CTB provides a holistic test capability that combines multiple comparable test equipment in a single box.


This platform is primarily designed to emulate a gNB for the purpose of testing devices in production, repair depots, or other environments. Enabling simultaneous testing of large numbers of multiple devices, as per the standard, accelerates production and/or evaluation times exponentially.


Advanced channel emulation for high bandwidth multiple port RF channels. The CE-9000 channel emulator supports SISO and MIMO configurations and a variety of channel bandwidths, fading models and communication protocols, and dynamic scenarios to test modems and wireless network nodes in the most demanding channel conditions, supporting LTE/5G/WLAN and other protocols operating in the 35Mhz to 7000Mhz spectrum.

  • Support 5G/LTE/WLAN/Radar/Satcom infrastructure & device testing
  • Networked application performance testing & propagation conditions
  • 128 bi-directional ports
  • 40-1400 MHz RF bandwidth
  • SISO & MIMO Configurations
  • 256-1000 digital paths including path delay with up to 1 sec analog delay, normal path delay configurations of up to 3msec and small-scale 2delays up to 20usec
  • Channel modeling software for generating standard and proprietary channel models from measurements, statistical models and standard channel specifications