Virtual EPC & Virtual 5G Core (5GC)

Telecoms are constantly searching for methods to increase capacity and coverage while ensuring that their businesses KPIs are met. They are constantly demanding a better environment for innovations, so that they are able to try out and to accelerate the introduction of new services, while keeping a lower total cost of ownership. These companies want efficient networks and operations, in which services can be deployed quickly and effortlessly while having the tools to deploy and offer new services.

WSS‘ virtual EPC

Enter WSS‘ virtual EPC, a fully virtualized core, which provides a complete end-to-end solution of virtualizing all EPC components. It provides full feature compatibility with comparable EPCs at no cost and maintains the full EPC feature set with surrounding systems, including the RAN, devices, charging permission systems. This flexibility enables unmatched portability of the virtual EPC, which can be deployed wherever is best to meet the customers’ or Telco’s needs.

The WSS 5G core

5G core network is a new flexible and adaptive core, designed to provide the next generation of features that 5G promises. It enables stable connectivity, and actively regulates service quality and according to a predetermined policy. WSS’ 5GC is well-matched to meet the influx of connected devices, new use cases and their applications.

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